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Hi, I’m Allen White, and I like to write.

Allen writes for pastors, churches, and Christian ministries. With over 30 years of ministry experience in churches and parachurch ministries, Allen writes video scripts, small group study guides, companion workbooks, ghostwrites books, as well as anything else created with words.
Allen is the author of four books. Two with Hendrickson Publishers, a Tyndale House imprint: Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential and the Exponential Groups Workbook. Allen has also self-published two books (Leading Healthy Groups and Leading Online Groups) and two study guides (All In and Community). He has written for Rick Warren (The Daniel Plan Small Group Study), Doug Fields (Intentional Parenting), Chip Ingram (Holy Ambition study guide), Kenny Luck (Dangerous Good Study Guide), and many others.

What can Allen write for you?

Allen Writes…Small Group Study Guides

Allen writes study guides with the intent of helping pastors and churches make disciples and helping their people grow in Christlikeness. Each study guide includes training for new and established leaders, daily devotionals or Bible reflections, and a deeper study section to challenge more knowledgeable group members. Allen writes small group studies based on your idea, your sermons, your book, or your teaching video. Studies are designed to help small groups start and grow during the course of the study.

Your study guide can be fully developed with our design services. From full color covers to internal layout, Allen and his team will provide print-ready files for your printer or publisher. Printing services or recommendations are also available.

Allen Writes…Video Scripts for Curriculum or Classes


North American culture has shifted to video on-demand. Streaming services make content available at any time from any device. The church must follow suit by offering next steps, growth tracks, membership classes, Bible studies, and small group studies available online. Ministry has expanded to 168 hours per week. Offering a class only on Sunday afternoon is no longer feasible. Whether your next steps are fully online, on-demand, live, or hybrid, the key to online engagement is offering your content where your members live — online.


Teaching videos make your curriculum easy for anyone to use with their families,  their neighbors, their co-workers, and their friends. Often average members do not feel qualified to start groups because they aren’t Bible experts or teachers. By providing the pastor’s teaching on video, you can eliminate objections to starting a group. (And, you don’t want them teaching in their groups anyway). Allen writes video scripts from your sermons or your ideas for a study.

Allen Writes…Books

Think about the treasure trove of content in your past sermons. Whether you’ve preached for a few years or several decades, you have a ton of content sitting in your files. You can repurpose your content into books, study guides, and devotionals.

With Allen’s professional ghostwriting services, your thoughts, your videos, and your words will become your book. We carefully match your voice so that your book sounds like you!

Allen Writes…Companion Workbooks

Have you already written a book? That’s great. But, most people don’t fully understand and integrate the content until they have worked through it themselves. Allen writes workbooks for courses and books that help the reader or partipant apply the principles of your content to their daily lives.

Allen Offers Full Production Video Services

While many churches have developed full-fledge video teams due to the pandemic, small group curriculum is a different genre of video, which requires specialized expertise. Allen and his team can create your video-based curriculum from idea to production to post-production and final files. You will receive a publisher quality to use in your church, to offer to other churches, and to even propose to a publisher.
Full Service Curriculum Production includes professional videographers, lighting and audio experts, makeup services, direction, and production. Allen offers partnerships from full production (100% Allen’s team) to a hybrid of Allen’s team and your team to onsite direction with your team doing the work. This investment will not only give you a beautiful curriculum, but will give you a “printing press” when your team learns to create curriculum from this experience.