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1–3 John: A 12-Week Study

The books of 1-3 John are full of practical wisdom for the Christian life. John wants his readers to understand that as they grow in their understanding of who they are as children of God, they ought to grow in love for one another and in obedience to God's commands.

1-3 John: A 12-Week Study helps us see what it looks like to truly love and follow Jesus in a world that "is passing away along with its desires."

Series Features:

  • Each study asks penetrating questions that spurs in-depth conversation
  • Every passage of Scripture is directly related to the Gospel of Grace
  • Follows the rule: Scripture interprets Scripture and treat Scripture as cohesive unity
  • Illuminates doctrines in every passage
  • Invites discovery and discussion of practical implications
  • Embeds God's word in your mind


Michael LeFebvre
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1–3 John: A 12-Week Study 0 reviews

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