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Life Lessons from Romans: God’s Big Picture

Max Lucado's Life Lessons from Romans is a 12-session study on Paul's letter to the Romans. He explores the wrong turns the Church was making and show them the one correct solution to help them stop making wrong choices - Jesus Christ. A Leaders's guide for Small Groups is included in the back of the book. Key Themes:

  • All people are in need of a relationship with God
  • God has prepared for that relationship through his own sacrifice
  • Faith is the requirement of that relationship
  • Forgiveness is available from God for anyone

Each lesson has the following sections: Key Scripture Verse, Reflection, Situation, Observation, Exploration, Inspiration, Reaction, Life Lessons, Devotion, and Journaling. Ideal for a small-group setting or for individual study.

The Max Lucado Life Lessons series continues to be one of the bestselling study guide series on the market today. This updated edition of the popular New Testament and Old Testament series will offer readers a complete selection of studies by Max Lucado. Intriguing questions, inspirational storytelling, and profound reflections will bring God's Word to life for both individuals and small-group members. Each session now includes a key passage of Scripture from both the NIV (formerly NCV) and the NKJV, and the guides have been updated to include content from Max's recent releases (2007–2016).


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